Radeon 4870 HD Fan not working

Installed said graphics card, but the fans are not working. I've tried a variety of changing wires.

I admit I've never installed a graphics card with additional wires for power, but it all seemed to go together well. It works fine, just no movement from the fans. Tried manual control and nothing.

Doesn't appear to be any damage so I think it may be my lack of knowledge...

Any tips?
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  1. Ok I should add it's an AXLE ATI RADEON HD 4870 So it has 2 fans.

    I did wonder if it was a power thing? is there anyway to tell if the internal wired plug in fine but they aren't compatable, or would it still load and just crash if it was in need of more power?
  2. did u connect the power connector cables?
    Is it brand new?
    If still not working then just return it for replacement... :)
  3. Thanks for the reply!

    Yeah I tried it on different ones, the power connections work fine for the CD Drive, but pluged the same ones into the fans and nothing.

    Brand new, fully sealed.

    And yup, guess it might be a return job, just want to make sure it's not me being an idiot!
  4. i mean, the 6pin connector cables from PSu to your card...
    did u attached them?
  5. Well the 6 Pin is connected to the card, which splits to two 3 pin, which I got plugged into the spare internals.

    Since they are shaped as so, I know they are in the right way.
  6. then u got a defective card, just return it for a replacement...
  7. Cheers! Glad to know it's most likely not me.
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