No display on new build

Main Issue:
I get no display when I power up the machine.

*This is a (mostly)new build:
--CoolerMaster HAF 932 case
--ASUS P7P55D-E Pro mobo
--Intel i5 750 processor
--Prolima Mega Shadow cooler with push/pull 120mm fans
--2 x 2GB Kingston DDR3 memory

--Case has three chassis fans. Two are connected to PSU via molexs, the third is connected to the cha_fan2 connectors.
One of the CPU fans is connected to the cpu_fan connectors and the other is connected to the cha_fan1 connectors.

*reused, and relatively new working components:
--Thermaltake 500W PSU
--GeForce 9800 video card, 1GB, PCIe
--Creative Audigy 2 sound card
--W7 500GB SATA boot device

The Story:
Assembled the machine, carefully following each step in the ASUS manual. At first powerup, in order,
--all five fans start to turn
--cpu led turns on briefly, then off
--memory led turns on for several seconds, then off
--vga led turns on for several seconds, beep occurs, then led off
--boot device led turns on for several seconds, turns off, then beep
--NO DISPLAY on monitor
--light on keyboard is lit, holding any key down continuously creates the "you've left something on the keyboard, knucklehead!" sound

Troubleshooting steps so far (each followed by attempted restart):
1) Removed all memory, place in other slot set. (Was necessary because I had them in the wrong slots to begin with, which caused a solid on memory led condition.
2) Disconnected front panel audio, eSATA, and USB connectors.
3) Removed sound card.
4) Replaced video card with known good alternative card.
5) Cleared real time clock using jumper and removed battery for ten minutes.
6) Retested using alternative monitor, video cable.

At each of these steps, the behavior/state of the machine is identical to what happens in "The Story". If I unplug the video cable from the card, I get a "check signal" message on the monitor. If I plug the cable back in, I get no display after a brief "going to power saving mode" message.

Any help appreciated.

Edit: I also read the "read this before you post about boot issues" stickies :-)
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  1. Have you been able to try an alternate video cable, and/or display? :)
  2. r_manic said:
    Have you been able to try an alternate video cable, and/or display? :)

    See #6.
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