What motherboard is compatible?

Hi, this is going to be my first build, so I am still a little noobish on what to buy, and what this motherboard needs to run my CPU. I'm not exactly sure what info you guys need to figure out what board would be best for me. If I don't give the info that is needed, plz say so and I will try to post what you need ASAP. Thanks in advance.

I want to buy a new motherboard that will allow me to OC. And also must have at least 4×240pin memory slots. I probably will not SLI this board, so that is not a necessity. But having 1 PCI-Express x16 slot is. Also, I would like to stay below 100$ (If possible).

(Using CPU-Z 1.55)
CPU: AMD Athlon II x4 620 Propus @2.6GHZ
Package : Socket AM3 (938)
Core: 2600MHZ
Multiplier: x13
Bus Speed: 200MHZ
HT Link: 2000MHZ

GPU: EVGA GTX460 1gb Superclocked (Fermi)
Resolution: 1920x1080.

I have probably given to much non needed info, but I figure that to much is better then not enough. Thanks again.
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  1. Oh I forgot my HD. It must be able to run 2 x 600GB 7200RPM with RAID HD's.

    Also, my form factor is ATX. I am using the Cooler Master USP 100 with Antec 620W PSU.
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