Inno3D gt220 bios problem / Asus P5VD2-VM M/B

POST is very slow characters take one second per chacter to be painted on the display Takes over 5 minutes before it starts to boot Oprating System put GT8500 back in PC all OK no problem. Seen this reported many times but no answers
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  1. re-install windows...
  2. wa1 said:
    re-install windows...

    The problem is before loading the operating system during the Power On Self Test (POST) as soon as POST is finished the OS (linux or Windows dual boot system) loads as normal but you have to wait over 5 minutes for the POST to complete. :(

    Problem does not occur when you put back the GT8500 card problem seems to be with VGA bios or normal bios does anybody know if there is a bios update to fix this
  3. I hace the same problem, and in nvidia forums there are no solution at the moment.
  4. same here, really drives me mad...
  5. It's a motherboard issue - Memory Type Range Register (MTRR).

    Check this link:
  6. your card is not compatible with your mobo since it is a ddr3 card you will have to use compatible mobo w/c is a ddr3 mobo,,,,,,,,,it wil solve ur problem [dandarz_2010] :hello:
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