Need helping connecting PSU to motherboard

Hey guys. I'm going to be building a new computer next weekend and, even though my parts aren't in yet, I'm reading the mobo manual to try and get prepared for everything. I'm a little confused with how to connect my PSU to the motherboard based on the instruction guide.

Here are the parts I'm working with:
Gigabyte P55-USB3 motherboard and Antec Earthwatts 650W power supply.

And here is an image of the page in the manual that talks about this:

I know the 24 pin connector goes into that ATX slot on the right side of the mobo but what goes in the ATX_12V_2X4 spot on the left side?

It says my power supply has 1 (20+4) pin, 1 EPS12V, and 1 ATX12V.

Any help on this would be wonderful! Thanks a lot.
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  1. Excellent, so let me make sure I've got this right. I'll plug the full 24 pin connector in to the ATX slot and the 1 x 8 pin EPS 12V into the left slot. Does the 2x2 ATX12V go anywhere or is that just in case my motherboard can only use a 20 pin main connector?
  2. for your PSU; its for motherboards that use an ATX12V - 4 Pin CPU Connector
  3. The Antec PSU's have a "20+4" pin connector for the main power connector. Unlike many PSU's with a "4+4" connector for CPU power, The Antec PSU's have both a "2X2" connector and a "4X2" connector. Use whichever you need for you motherboard.

    Do not confuse the PCI power connectors with the CPU power connector.
    Trying to use a PCI power connector will result in shorting 12 volts to ground. A good PSU should electronically shut down before damage occurs. Otherwise, you can fry the motherboard.
  4. As long as I plug the 24 pin into the 24 pin slot and the 1 x 8 (P3) into the other slot I'll be fine right?
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    RParmly said:
    As long as I plug the 24 pin into the 24 pin slot and the 1 x 8 (P3) into the other slot I'll be fine right?

    well your power to your mobo will be fine, I can't give you and medical clearance :na:
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