Few quick questions about a new system build

I'm about to build my first system. Few questions first though:

1. I have a 60 GB SSD to use as a boot drive. It says it came unformatted, when I go to install windows 7 on it does that automatically format it? (sorry if a dumb question i'm kinda new to this stuff)

2. I have windows 7 on my old computer which I'm not going to use at all anymore, can I legally use the same key and copy of windows 7 on my new system since I don't plan on using the old one?

3. I upgraded windows 7 from vista with the upgrade version? of it which was cheaper than the full version. On this new computer I'm assuming I have to install windows vista first and then windows 7 right afterwards? (would doing this take up more space on my SSD then if I just went out and bought the full windows 7 non-upgrade from previous os version?

4. I have the 60 GB SSD and a 1TB "regular" harddrive. Do I make the SSD drive c: and the 1TB hardrive (which is for games and storage space) d: ? or vice versa?

Thanks for any help!
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    1- Yes, when you start to install the OS, the installation process format the SSD automatically

    2- Yes, is totally legal use the key.

    3- Yes, you need install firts Vista and after this upgrade to Win 7

    4- I would use the SSD for the OS. And the 1TB for storage and games.
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  3. In a case where someone is running an SSD as my primary and a Terrabyte 7200 rpm as the data (backup) drive wouldn't the SSD be limited to the speed of the slower hd?

    Or is that just in Raid 0?

    Your help/answer is highly appreciated. Please advise. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi CPJ and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Both drives are independent, in your case, the SSD isn't limited for the 1TB HDD, this only will possible in RAID arrays and even, the 1TB will be limited for the size of the SSD
  5. Saint, In regards to me and another poster who we both were wondering, Thank You for your quick response. This has helped us.
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