Velociraptor RAID installed but no AHCI mode on SSD OS drive

Ok I got the 2x VelociRaptors recognized as a RAID 1 in Intel's RST....but Win7 didnt recognize them in My I did a "create simple volume" in Disk Managment as it was my only I can see the Raid in My Computer.....finally!

Now my issue is still with that pesky AHCI mode not being correct for my SSD:

SSD has Win7 OS (installed & still set to "RAID" in BIOS)
2X Raptors set to RAID 1 on same Intel controller
So all 3 drives r set to "RAID" in BIOS on Asus P8P67
Only the Raptors are actually raided.
In Win7 I go to Device Manager and then to IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers & then open that to check for AHCI setting.....and all I see is
ATA Channel 0
ATA Channel 1
Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller :??:

......No AHCI....was hoping after my Velociraptor RAID was set up Win7 would recognize my SSD as being seperate and set it soley to AHCI...nope.
So if all 3 drives r on the Intel sata ports set to RAID, what do I do to get my SSD to function under AHCI in Win7 without destroying my raid?

Thnx :D
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  1. That is correct. Remember, SATA is just serial-ATA. The controllers appear the same way on my HP computer. If the bios is set to raid, it is running AHCI.

    You can always check for one or both of these registry settings and make sure it's set to zero. This will confirm it.

  2. Not in my case.....went to registry and msahci start is set to 3 BUT the iastorV is set to 0.
    Afraid to switch it as I have a RAID mirror also on this controller and dont want to disolve it or worse make my SSD with OS on it unbootable.
    I had that happen last time I switched SSD with Win7 on it from RAID in bios to AHCI.
  3. I believe only one of those has to be zero. If both had a value of 3, then it would be running in IDE mode. You should be good.
  4. I thought AHCI had to show up in Device manager--->IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers? Something like this should be there: "Standard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA Controller".

    Is there another way to verify....I seem to b half way there.

    Oh, & thnx.
  5. As I said, my HP computer shows exactly like you posted in your first post. If your bios is set to AHCI and your drives are working properly in windows, then it's set correctly. Also, IASTORV is set to zero in your registry which means AHCI is being used, otherwise it would also be a 3.
  6. My Bios is set to RAID....
  7. RAID uses AHCI. Only the IDE setting in the bios uses none of the AHCI advanced features.
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