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I just purchased a Corsair Force3 120GB SSD and have some admittedly silly questions I havent found answers for yet.

I installed it in my Gigabyte EX58-UD3R board, which only has SATA2.

Ran several benchmarks, the initial numbers in "Bench Me" were about 150MB/s, which didnt seem great, my RAID0 drives benched higher.

I verified TRIM and AHCI were enabled from the command line and regedit.

Later in CrystalDiskMark it was showing 120MB/s. (I can post more detailed results later, in work at the moment).

So, have I screwed up my drive by running 3 or 4 benchmarks? Degraded performance? Or does TRIM eliminate the concern of slowing performance?

My real world performance is good, Windows boots before my TV even displays a picture! Pretty good, but I'm concerned that its underperforming or I've damaged it.... :ouch:
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  1. Try running ATTO and see what the numbers are.

    IMO the Corsair SSD's are beyond horrible, and would never purchase one again. I would very strongly consider returning it if possible.

    37 page forum thread of people having issues with them. Perhaps the firmware updates fixes all the issues at some point.
  2. Thanks for your reply!

    I will run that benchmark tonight and I will also have to figure out what firmware is on it.

    We will see how it goes, thanks again!
  3. Heres my bench with Atto v.2.46

    Looks like it reaching a plateau and stopping there..." class="img lazy">
  4. Okay, in the hope that this might help someone else I'm posting these results.

    My first test had been using the Gigabyte SATA2 controller. So I powered off and plugged the Corsair Force3 into the Intel ICH10R controller, I also had my two WD 500GB HDD in Raid 0 plugged in there too. I had the BIOS set for RAID which I read somewhere also allows ACHI commands to reach non-raid devices.

    So on reboot I had my Raid 0 and Corsair 3 and saw a huge improvement in performance:

    Uploaded with

    In future I'll check out updated drivers see if that can go up any further, if anyone can answer how often I need to wipe an SSD to keep it running well, or will TRIM take care of that on modern SSDs?
  5. Yeah, that looks pretty spot on for Sata2 with an SSD. My Force 3 drive didn't last long enough to actually determine if it degraded over time, and how badly. I would just use it, and by the time it gets slower Win8 will be out and you will be re-installing most likely anyway.
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