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What is HDMI for on the mobo? Is it for the onboard graphics or the sound or what? I'm curious because I'm helping someone with a new build and he has a nice monitor with HDMI so he wants to make sure he can use it. I had thought that HDMI mattered just when it came to the video card and monitor but seeing it listed on the mobo has me confused.
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  1. both.

    high definition multimedia input.

    Meaning both high quality sound and video in one.
  2. So if someone has a monitor with HDMI and a video card with HDMI, does the mobo need it as well or no?
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    mobo has nothing to do with it. if your card fits in, you are good to go HIGH DEF :gun:
  4. Ok cool, that's what had me scratching my head. Thank you.
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