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been searching the web for a new gaming pc and found this website. i have general knowledge about pc's but never built one. budget of ~$650. need to start from scratch. any suggestions would be great for system specs. no preference from either newegg or tigerdirect or amazon just looking for solid performance right out of the box.
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    That system above is about as much bang for the buck as you can get on your budget. It comes to just over $600. The weak points are...1) PSU will handle the system, but its not the best...consider shopping around for a better case/psu combo deal 2)The motherboard is good for what it is, but doesn't give you many upgrade paths. If you can fit a higher end AM3/DDR3 MB into your budget, consider doing that. Be sure to read the reviews and be sure you get one that has had success unlocking the extra cores of the PhenomII X2 and X3 processors.

    That is assuming you wanted to build your own. If you want to buy a prebuilt I would get something like this
    You can sell off the video card and 4gb of that ram, that should get you at least $100, and you could apply that to getting the video card I linked above. That would put you right at $650....once again your PSU is going to be a little weak, so I would consider making that your first upgrade.
  2. thanks for quick reply i actually have a budget of 800 but need to buy a monitor as well(was going to use my family room tv but looks like it is not going to happen) also i would like to build it since i have seen you get more out of your money when you buy and build
  3. Do you already have a monitor and OS?
  4. would need monitor as well already have win7 64bit
  5. Since cases are kind of personal thing since it all comes down to your taste, I never really know what to recommend on if I were you I would use the $50 extra to come up with a better case/PSU combo that appeals to you.
    The MB has a few crossfire and only 2 ram slots....but for a budget gamer that is probably all you'll really need. On the plus side it easily unlocks the x2 to a quad core and has very easy to use OCing options for the beginner. To give you an idea of will easily compete with or beat the performance of systems costing $1000...including the Tom's recommended AMD budget build.
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