Constantly receiving “Malicious URL Blocked” Avast Pop Up Notification

Hello Everyone,

For the past two days my computer has been acting funny. It is lagging, the desktop theme is slightly altered, i have drop shadows on my desktop icons for no reason that i cannot change. Additionally i'm constantly receiving “Malicious URL Blocked” Avast Pop Up Notifications while visiting typical sites, gamespot, yahoo, etc.

When i receive the pop up it has a path file similiar to C:\WINDOWS\system32\Winniet (dont quote me) the pop up only comes up for a few seconds so i couldnt record the exact path.

I ran Malwarebytes, SUPERantiSpyware and Avast scans on safe mode (no networking) but im still having the same issue.

Can someone offer any assistance?
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  1. I'd re-install Windows.
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