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I have a DSL connection in my apartment which I run through a Netgear wireless N router. My problem is that the connection is in the bedroom and I have a tv and blu-ray player in the living room with ethernet ports.

What do I need to do to go from wireless back to wired so that I can have internet to these devices?

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  1. You need a wireless Ethernet bridge.

    [wireless router]<-- wireless -->[wireless ethernet bridge]<-- wire -->[blu-ray player, tv, etc.]

    ZyXEL WAP3205 Wireless N Access Point / Ethernet Bridge

    That's just an example. There are many makes and models, even some routers that can be configured as a wireless Ethernet bridge using either w/ their own firmware, or third party firmware (e.g., dd-wrt and tomato).
  2. thank you for your help. Much appreciated
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