I cannot get my speakers to work after loading Windows 7, I upgraded from XP to 7, never ever upgraded to Vista, cause I was too scared to. I have tried everything I know to do, updated drivers, etc. Lenovo won't help me unless I pay the clowns 60 bucks. Any suggestions as to other avenues to run down? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!
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  1. Check the audio manager in the control panel. Make sure your type of speakers are chosen.

    Check the control panel-->sounds-->make sure your type of audio device is chosen as the output method.
  2. Speakers aren't even being recognized. ..I looked at the audio device listing too. nothing in the box, or as an option. It's like they don't exist at all. REALLY gettin annoyed. I think it's the freakin' soundcard, because Lenovo makes everything a pain in the ass to fix.
  3. If they are generic plug n play speakers, they won't be recognized by model, as there isn't a driver.
  4. Open control panel and check to see if there is a soundcard listed. If you don't find one I bet you have a device with a ? in front of it. Determine which soundcard you have and try to find drivers for it.

    You didnt mention which Lenovo ya have so I couldn't google it for you.
  5. Windows 7 can only output audio to one active audio device at a time. It's clearly selected something that's not your primary audio driver or output device. You need to select it manually in the Hardware and Sound control panel.
  6. I have a 3000 J series and it's getting on my last nerve. Still not working, I've done all of the things that you folks told me to do. HELP.
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