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My husband and I were talking about putting more memory in my computer. My Dell only has two slots for memory we were wondering if by chance they made something you could attach to the computer like a plug and play device that would give you more available slots or if that is even possible.
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  1. Nope. You're limited to the slots you've got and also each slot will only support up to a given size.
  2. depends on windows. if you got vista or win7. you can connect a good usb drive and use it as ready boost. i.e corsair gt.
  3. Yeah, just upgrade the memory to the maximum that's allowed by one slot, to obtain big amount of memory.
    You also don't want to be bothered by attached 'internal' hardware to be outside a casing, right. I guess it will be busy to protect this outside components.

    Possibly max. Considering you have only 2 slots, it is almost always that the memory's max amount is 8 GB. You may buy one stick 4 GB first, then save the other slot for expansion another time. Or if you don't plan to go 8 GB, buy 2 x 2 GB kit. Btw, nowadays 4 GB is still more than enough, even for a gamer.
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