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Well I got the itch and the need again to search for something better. Been using arctic silver 5 and mx-4 but not happy with the results so I am searching for something better. Right now PK-4 and Tuniq TX-4 are looking interesting then there is GC-Extreme. So I am wondering what you guys think and what you use.
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    This stuff is supposed to work very well and I did try it with some good results.

    I have also tried this stuff and it also worked wekk but like you I am also on the endless search for the best thermal compound.
  2. The second one looks like the best option, the first reason that I am hunting for a good performance compound is due to my 780i and that I am using custom coolers for the board. The other is general use, the first one will be great for when I rebuild my i5 rig.

    Went ahead and bought it on Amazon for $21 after ship. :ouch:
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