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Hi all,

I am new to the forum so I hope i didn't break any rules.

I need help as I got desperate with a TOSHIBA A100-147 laptop. It has Windows XP MCE installed on it and the Video Card is Intel 945. The video memory is dedicated to the video card (doesn't share from the operating memory).

The problem: on turning the laptop the display just shrinks and i end up with dead space of the monitor on the bottom and on the right (like black lines).

I have identified that it is not the LCD as if I shut down the computer and try turning it on again it might come on normally (full screen).

The funny thing is that:
1 - If it turns on normally, after going into windows, I would see the option for the 1280x800 resolution in the graphics properties (both windows graphics properties and intel graphics properties)
2 - If it turns on in the wrong mode, after going into windows, the widescreen option doesn't appear at ALL!

I would appreciate any help, as I nearly ran out of ideas.
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  1. umm, have u try to re-install windows and all of the drivers?
    it maybe your screen or the onboard that defective...
    Have u try with external monitor?
  2. Well, still havent tried to reinstall windows as i considered it as a hardware prblem, it appears fine when you connect an external monitor :) but that doesnt mean that the lcd is faulty because as i said sometimes when u turn it on it would appear to be normal... I am confused ... any ideas..?
  3. it can be really difficult when it comes to a laptop...
    i suspecting your onboard card...
  4. Yeah probably the video controller, but now i cant source a motherboard
  5. i would say u better bring it to Toshiba's service center...
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