Which pump and rads would be best?

This is my first time water cooling and I'm not sure what exactly I need. My system is as follows:

Asus Maximus V Formula (will be cooled)
GTX 680 (second one in the future)
Intel core i5 3570k

those are what will be getting cooled, I know mobos dont normally get cooled but this one comes with water cooling already installed.

my case is a NZXT Switch 810 so there is a lot of room for rads, I'm just not sure how many I would need.

Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. Did you read the watercooling sticky?

    What is your budget?
  2. What 680 i need to know which ones brand and model Please check out watercooling sticky it is in your best of interest http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/277130-29-read-first-watercooling-sticky
  3. GPU: ASUS GTX680-DC2T-2GD5

    As for budget, this build is costing me over $1000.00 so whatever is best honestly. I want it to work and not worry about part failure in the near future.
  4. Bump
  5. You didn't answer about reading and understanding the contents of the sticky.

    Help us help you.
  6. Yes, I read the sticky and as far as I know understood most to all of it.
  7. Thanks for everyones help. Its appreciated...oh well.
  8. If you read and understand the sticky, I think you already know enough about radiator size needed for your computer. To cool down that i5 3570k and possible 2 GTX 680 along with the motherboard VRM, you would need at minimum 420mm in radiator size and a strong pump (something the like of DDC pump or D5). Since your case support up to 2 large radiator, why not maximize it's potential space and get 2 radiators (a 420 mm radiator on top of the case and a 240 mm on the bottom) ? Doing this will also get you closer to ambient temperature as well since more rad space = better temp.

    Your case has a 20 mm hole spacing on top for 420 mm radiator and 15mm hole spacing on top for 360mm radiator, so when you choose a radiator, make sure they have appropriate fan spacing or else you would have to drill holes to make it fit.

    HW labs 420 mm radiators all have 20 mm spacing hole which are compatible with this case.
    All other 360mm radiators (XSPC, Aquacomputer, Phobya, EK, Switftec, Coolgate, Alphacool etc) all have 15mm spacing hole which are compatible with this case.

    When choosing radiator, you need to keep in mind the fin number density of the radiators and select the appropriate fans (higher fin density radiators benefit more using higher RPM/higher static pressure fans). Also keep in mind the noise of those higher RPM fans as noise tend to increase with higher RPM. All these info are in the sticky so if you read it and understand it you should have understand all of what I'm saying in here.

    If you have any further question selecting the components, you can post here and we can help you, just don't expect people to hold your hands and explain the entire watercooling concepts (radiator size, thickness, delta, pump, heat dissipation in Watts, fans RPM/static pressure, loop orders, coolant, waterblocks etc) since it will take pages and pages to write them all.
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