ESata port not working.

Hey, I just set up my new computer. Anyways, I am trying to connect an external hard drive to it through esata, but it's not recognizing anything. I don't think the system even knows the port is there. The board I have is an ASRock 870 extreme3. I just installed the all in one driver, and I've had no luck getting the eSata port to work. ANy help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Couple of Questions:

    1) Does it work if you have the device plugged into the eSATA port and reboot your PC?

    2) Do you have your SATA controllors as IDE, AHCI or RAID. You need to have them as AHCI to enable "hot swap" abilities, which is what the eSATA is for.
  2. Ahh, had to switch to AHCI. Thanks tons!
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