Zalman z9 way too hot! Waht did i install wrong

I build a rig... zalman z9... asrock moboard...i5 2500k... coolmaster heat sink..

I tried to OC... not too sure if it worked... so I didn't risk the crash... it may be oc'ed a bit...

I followed all the build instructions.... though not much was mentioned about fan hookup...

I have some hooked up to mobo and some to psu...

temp display is 39-44c when just surfing... 55c+ when gaming....

is there any video or pics that show hookups..

thanks in advanced
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  1. your case is too hot?

    how far did you overclock? i hit 50C all the time while gaming, and i tend to idle at 40C (even with cool n' quiet)
  2. I did not oc much at far as i can tell... it's good to know i have semi-normal temps... thanks
  3. how do you have your fans set up? i found my best temps with the back/top exhausting, and the bottom/front intaking, and the CPU fan blowing out the back
  4. I get to 55C under Prime95 load (100%) on the CM Hyper 212 EVO (dual fans), but I have a much higher end case and its freezing where I live.

    Your temps arent that bad, I would say 40C is a bit high for what is essentially idle, but your load temps are fairly fine. As long as the CPU doesn't go above 75c under Prime95, you dont have an issue with temps*.

    *The 2500K has a TjMax of 90C, past that and the CPU will degrade its own performance to stop from overheating. That is the maximum temperature that will technically not damage the CPU, but I personally don't think you should go above 75c.
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