Dell Dimension E520 Crashing Regularily

Hi there, I have in my possession a Dell Dimension E520. I had an older computer with a hard drive/operating system on it and I moved it over to the new computer. I thought I had done this succesfully, I had uninstalled all of the original drivers, reinstalled all of the new chipset, graphics, audio, etc.. And I even ran the Windows XP repair program from the original install disk. The computer itself runs just fine with no problems, aside from the random crashing that occurs. I have had many different blue screen errors, and every single time we get one, we address the problem, but it's always a different error. I can post some of the screen shots when more of them happen. I know you're always supposed to do a clean install of windows and all that for a new computer, but this computer is a pharmacy workstation and there are loads of confidential files that need to be preserved and CANNOT be lost. :( It is very important that this computer gets running normally. Any help would be VERY MUCH appreciated! :)

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  1. If you get many different random errors you might have bad memory. Test it with something like Memtest86.
  2. I've ran Memtest86 many times before and every single time I ran it, it cleared and passed without any problems.
  3. OK, then the next thing I would check is the hard drive.
  4. Okay, would a GParted live CD hard drive clone work good? I need an EXACT clone of the drive. I am guessing this would be best for this?
  5. GParted works well.
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