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Just looking for an opinion here...my left speaker only produces a static noise only when connected to the back usb and jack. The front usb and jack do not do the same thing. i also have plugged in headphones in the back and front and the sound is fine. My computer is only a month old and HP is replacing the motherboard saying that the sound card must be defective. Does this sound right?
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  1. sounds more like a bad USB port, either way HP should be fixing it
  2. You have USB speakers or usb powered speakers?

    USB powered speakers get their power from the USB port but still use the normal audio out jack from the soundcard.

    USB Speakers themselves, like USB Headphones, ARE the sound card.

    I'd bet you have usb powered speakers and the rear audio jack on the soundcard is flakey or getting interference from the rear USB port.
  3. they are usb powered speakers. so does replacing the motherboard fix the bad usb? and does having interference from the rear usb mean the soundcard is bad? thanks for the input!
  4. ps i had my motherboard replaced and yikes I still hear static...must be interference, or crappy speakers?
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