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Hey guys, just wanted verify a few things.

I'm overclocking my I5 3570k at 4.5 ghz and the voltage is at 1.130v. My load temps with prime95 are about 60-66 degrees celsius, idle at about 30-40. I'm using a Zalman CNPS X14 heatsink for cooling.

I basically want to know what some more experienced clockers think of these numbers and if all seems normal.

This OC is basically for heavy fps gaming/recording, and some other projects. Thanks for the input! :wahoo:
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  1. I will have to say that those are some of the best temps that I have seen reported in these forums for running Prime95 on a 3750 at 4.5ghz. Very good temps at idle and there is one thing to remember and that is when you run a stress test like Prime95 , the temps that you get will be the highest that you will see because in real world use it is very hard to get 100% load so that's why I said that those will be the highest temps that you will see.
  2. Awesome, thats great to hear! Does the voltage seem to be in line? Is there such a thing as not enough voltage?
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    No there is not such a thing as not enough voltage and it's actually the opposite in that when overclocking you should only add enough voltage to make the overclock stable. So if you can get your overclock to be 100% stable with the voltage that you have then it's a win , win situation for you. The more voltage that you add the more heat that your cpu will produce and the biggest enemy of the cpu is heat. If your 100% stable with your settings then by all means you should keep it where you have it.
  4. Thanks - and for prime 95 is 24 hours enough of a "stability" test?
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  6. newbuilder26 said:
    Thanks - and for prime 95 is 24 hours enough of a "stability" test?

  7. newbuilder26 said:
    Thanks - and for prime 95 is 24 hours enough of a "stability" test?
    12 hours is enough you don't need to do it for 24 hours but you can if you want ;)
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