Price Check : Value of this i7 setup? 12GB Ram 1TB HDD

Hi there,

I'm planning to sell my desktop if it can fetch a decent price.

CPU : i7 920
Motherboard : Asus Rampage Gene II mATX
Memory : OCZ 12GB
HDD: Western Digital 1TB
Graphics : Diamond 4890 1GB DDR3
Case : Antec 300

Whats the market value for this setup?

Thank you
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  1. well, whats the psu and is there anything else you are selling, but i would say about 1000-1250, but some people may not pay more than 800.
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    Its Antec True Green 750W PSU. The build also has HP 1270D DVD Multi-Burner with Lightscribe and LG GH22NS30 Super-Multi DVD Writer. And vista ultimate 64bit. I could put Windows 7 but I dont know where to find windows 7 for cheap.

    So Can I ask for $1100 then? Would that be a fair price?

    Thank you
  3. if you are a teacher or student then you can get it cheap, but idk, if it were me, i would pay upwards of 1400 for that, since it is worth more, but some people are a bit weary of used items, so thats why i say the lower prices...if you got windows 7 and a better video setup, that would be worth around 1750-2000$ possibly.
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