Odd low temperature for a stock cooler?

I am currently running a 965 BE CPU at 3.7ghz with 1.4v. After playing Crysis 2 for an hour or more on Extreme/Ultra graphics, coretemp says it reaches 57 as the max temperature and that is with a stock cooler. It also is 33 idle. Until I invest in an aftermarket heatsink, would it be wise to test how much higher it could go or is 3.7 generally the max for this certain CPU under a stock cooler?
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  1. Also the mobo used is the GA-970A-UD3
  2. you little high 2 degrees for max fulload Game , usually at 55C it will safely for dailly play game. :D
    it's different with test strees can reached at 60C and i think's 3.7ghz is you max OC
    use stock cooler
  3. Yeah a stress test got it to 61. So I am probably going to lower it to 3.6ghz and see how that does.
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    i had phenom X6 1055T max OC use Stock just at 3.5Ghz . .and the CPU cooler ran at 6000 RPM when fulload 100% .. like JET and the stock cooler Thuban and Deneb is same noises for better keep coo as possible and soon get Coler .. check Hyper 212 + / Evo very cheap that easy for 965BE to 4ghz
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