Two quick questions about internal HDrive used w/ external enclosure

Hello. As I am getting short on space on my 640g internal HD I would like to buy an internal hard drive to use it as an external one with my NexStar CX enclosure via eSata. The specs on this NexStar CX says up to 3gbs/eSata. I think I am going to buy a 2TB Seagate 7200 (ST2000DM001) but it says that the interface is 6gb/s and ready for advanced format 4k series. Would I have any problems connecting it to the NexStar CX as it's interface is only 3gb/s? Any issues about the format 4k?
I am using this external drive to have there all my music and videos which I am planning to hear/see using this external drive. It will be for storage and music and video playing. Would I be better off with a Caviar Green HD? What I don't like about the Caviar Green is that it is slower (5400rpm) and has a energy saving method and I hate to wake up my drives. Would the Seagate Barracuda 7200 2TB be a good choice for my purpose on my NexStar enclosure? I don't know which HD is more realiable or less prone to damages... Thanks a lot for all your help!
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  1. You can use a 6Gbit/sec SATA drive in that enclosure with no problems - all SATA products will auto-negotiate the speed to the highest common data rate supported by both.

    I personally like the green drives for external enclosures because they don't generate a lot of heat and most external enclosures don't have a fan to keep the drive cool. For listening to music or playing videos, the slower speed won't make a difference. Yes, it will take longer to copy the files onto the drive, but you only have to do that once and from that point on watching/listening to the files will work just as well as it would on a faster drive.
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