Video card issues Geforce 8600

I have a Geforce 8600 GT on my daughter's PC. Her pc froze the morning. After some diagnostic work, I got it to boot, but the screen had a lot of artifacts on it. It worked fine yesterday. Nothing new was loaded (to cause driver issues).

I opened up the PC to find the video card. Not knowing anything about hardware, it looks like something popped. I've attached an image.

If you think the card is garbage, what is a good replacement for it? the 9600 ?


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  1. okay... u got blown capacitors there...
    what your daughter will do with this PC?
    games? or just watching video?
    And what about the PSU? brand? model?
  2. Thx. We play Age of Empires (three pcs), and some other PC games (unreal tournament, Wizard 101, etc.)
  3. well, u can get 9800GT green edition(newer version) which not require 6pin power connector...
    Anyway, what PSU? brand? model?
  4. Dell AMD dual care 2.1 ghz, 4 gb ram
  5. that's CPU, i mean PSU(power supply unit)... :)
  6. maybe this card will be enough:

    that card doesn't require much power and i'm sure your PSU can handle it... :)
  7. What do I look for when buying a new card?

    I saw this one for 25$ cheaper.
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    okay, that's a good choice too.. :)

    i don't know about your PSU, so it will be safe if u choose a low power consumption card(no need for pci-e power adapter)...
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