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hi all
i was wondering is it normal for athlon II x4 630 to not increase the CPU fan speed even temperature has risen to 55 C ?
i havent overclocked or anything. just ran stress test and noticed this.
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  1. Do you have the cpu fan speed control switched on in BIOS and installed cool-n-quiet?
  2. Even for 55c it should not be spinning at its full speed.

    If you're worried then you can manually set fan speed in BIOS.
  3. ty for the replies. the bios only had min and max settings which means no stepping between those. but asus had fan control program. though i wonder why the cooler at its max runs only about 2500~ rounds. perhaps they all do, this one just doesnt sounds like spinning much.
  4. Yeah.My Core 2 Duo stock cooler also runs at ~2500RPM at full speed.

    Earlier Pentium 4 cooler fans used to run at insane speeds. . .
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