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  1. Your links are broken, you need to use and tags.
  2. Check the W/c sticky up the top of this section but yes, although not top of the line kit it's all fine,
    Glad to see you using distilled and not some magical premix there :)
    Universal blocks are just that, universal but if you check the specs tab on the block it will confirm compatability,
    pics in W/c gallery when done and make sure your cables are tidy :)
  3. Moto he's got a coolant concentrate in there too :P

    Few notes for you:
    Change your CPU Block to an XSPC Raystorm, cheap and better performance
    Change your GPU block to an XSPC Razor GTX 480 (did a quick google search, best price to performance)
    Get rid of the coolant additive, the only coolant I'd reccomend is Mayhems (either X1 or Pastel line), most others will gunk up your system pretty badly in the long run.

    Make sure that your GPU is a reference card by going to and seeing if they say it's a reference design.

    Hope that helps
  4. Well spotted Scope, my brain read that as the anti-algae additive :)
  5. Thanks for the tips everyone! I've decided to get a full-cover GPU block.

    I think I'll stay with my original CPU block because I heard paying extra for CPU blocks only increases performance marginally. Is this true? I only opted for the full GPU cover because of the VRM cooling as well.

    As for the additive, I really wanted fluorescent green to be a part of my case, because I think it would look really cool and almost biological :) Would adding a dye cause any corrosion if added to distilled water? I've picked out this one:

    Thanks to everyone who has been a help! :)
  6. Dye is better than a coolant...but I'd still opt for colored tubing. Paying more for a block doesn't mean it's automatically better, but some marginally better performing blocks do cost more, yes.
  7. Okay, I'll go with green tubing instead. By the way, the case I'm ordering supports 360 and 240 radiators, so should I get a 360 with pull fans, or 240 with push-pull fans? Or a 360 with push-pull fans? So many options!
  8. For CPU+GPU, the 360 is a much better option as it allows you to run a lower delta when choosing between a single 240 or 360. It also means that if you decide to add another GPU in the future, you might be just fine using the same, single RX360 or only need to add another 1x120 or 1x140 at most instead of a 200mm, 240 or other rad.

    However, you could get by on a single RX240 if you weren't going to overclock and used some good fans.
  9. Ok, I'll stick with the 360. I'll only add 3 fans inside the case, and that should be fine. I think I have one last question before I place my order. I'm going to college literally less than a week from now, so can I transport the PC filled with coolant, or should I invest in anti-vibration clips, or should I just assemble the PC when I get there?
  10. If you assemble everything securely and leaktest you should be fine transporting a filled loop, if you are at all concerned though, wait till you get to college
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