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Updated power supply from 175 watt to 300 watt unit, plugged in and started Motherboard booted to bios recovery mode shut down and never restarted.
Mother board plugged into another power supply now not even the CPU fan runs just blips & stops. Plug new 300 watt power supply into an old AMD board and nothing cannot even get the internal fans on the power supply to start.

It look like new power supply has taken out Motherboard. Is this possible I always thought these systems tended to self protect them selves.

What is best way to test power supply ?
What is best way to test Motherboard now it will not start?
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  1. What MOBO and what brand PSUs ?? -- Some old DELL PSUs and MOBOs had propeitery wiring that switched a ground and + wire so that if the DELL PSU was plugged into another companies MOBO it would burn out the MOBO but if a third party PSU was plugged into a DELL MOBO it just would not work -- so if it is a DELL MOBO it is possible this is why it is not working and if it is a DELL PSU then it is possible the MOBO is fried ! (they did this to make you buy thier products instead of cheaper third party products in years past but have decided to change that nowadays but many users will still avoid buying their products becasue of things like this !)
  2. G915gvwb from Intel and an FSP MOBO which I changed for a Jou Jye Which looks remarkably like the FSP.
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