Any Opinions on this build?

Can anyone give me suggestions for improvement?

Intel i5 750 ($214.99)

OCZ Gold DDR3 1333mhz ($92.99)

Hard Drive
Western Digital Caviar Black 500GB ($66.99)

Graphics Card
Sapphire ATI 5770 1GB ($168.99)

Gigabyte P55-UD3R ($112.99) OR ASUS P7P55D ($163.99)

Case, CD/DVD drive, Power Supply - $120 [Don't need to worry about these]

My budget is around $750 before taxes (13% tax here :pfff: )

Does anyone have an recommendations on some other parts I should get? I mainly use this computer for homework, and casual gaming (resolution 1680 x 1050 and graphic setings on medium)

I live in Canada so and will be my preferred retailers
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  1. unfortunately, i dont see the 500 gb version, but this hdd is much better:

    this mobo is a nice middle ground of the 2:

    and this ram is better, and after rebates only costs 8$ more:

    aside from that everything looks good.
  2. It looks like you did a pretty good job picking out your parts I must say.
  3. @Ares: just wondering...why USB 3.0, SATA 3.0? Is it for future proofing? And btw, it they backwards compatible with USB and SATA 2.0?

    If its just between the P7P55D and the P55 UD3R, which one would be the best bang/buck?
  4. well, yes usb 3 and sata 3 is for the future proofing. both are backwards compatible, and even if they werent, there are still usb 2 and sata 2 on the board. for the board, i wouldnt get either, and i would pick up this combo:
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