What should I seek when comparing 2 SSD for gaming ?

I've read a few article about SSD and I'm wondering if I got it right.

So far the only 4 value thast mean something are

1) Storage space
2) IOPS (# of action taken)
3-4) Max sequencial write and read

Most SSD seem to have high 200's MB/s to low 500's MB/s.

For gaming is going for the 500MB/s worth it ?
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  1. The most important thing to me is reliability. HDDs are fast enough for me. Speed is a bonus in SSDs. I doubt you'll notice any difference in gaming except map loading.
  2. Something like this is the sweet spot between speed and reliability...

  3. Look for the most capacity in your budget. If two drives have the same capacity for the same price, then get the one with higher random read speed.
  4. Thanks for the reply everyone for now I'm considering that one: http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820233206

    Seems like a nice one at a low price too me. The 128G ones are about +20-30$ as far as I've seen and not worth the extra money to me just for 8G.

    But if you guys got a bether ones I can pay up to 200$ CAN. Gaming performance and durability is more important to me then a few extra gig of memory or $
  5. Tom's Hardware recently published a series that answers questions about real world performance.

    The first article was about ssd's and gaming:

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