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asus crosshair iv extrem with corsair vangage 1866mhz ,,how much great the pc on speed overclocking???.....and with processor am3 1055t 2.8ghz
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  1. good or no my ram corssair vangage 16gb 1866Mhz and grafic card sapphire hd 6850 1gb ddr 5
  2. Your questions are hard to understand but I guess your asking about overclocking an AMD cpu on an Asus Crosshair MB and if 16 gb of Corsair Vengence ram will help or not?
    The ram doesn't play much of a part in overclocking the cpu , it's more of a supporting part for the system aas a whole since if your overclocking the cpu to make your computer faster you don't want the ram slowing it down. So 1866 mhz ram is a good choice.
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