Could my motherboard be the reason for my computer not starting

I have a friends Emachine that use to get to the Windows Vista log on screen and then shut off everytime, I tried recovery discs and that did not work so I hooked up the hard drive to my computer and reformatted it and then tried to boot the emachine up with windows 7 and xp but as soon as it got to the installation part it would shut down again. So I got a new hard drive and that does the same thing, so I got a new power supply and it still causes the same problem, I tried the beep test for RAM and it beeps when the RAM is not in so im assuming it is recognizing that though i guess it could still possibly be faulty, but I think it is either the CPU or mobo? Could it be the motherboard cause I can get to the BIOS and the computer stays on forever but as soon as i try to boot it up then it shuts down???
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  1. Keep troubleshooting. Could be the ram or ram slot that is bad, or the cheapo emachines power supply. I've never lost a cpu when the heatsink is intact, but it will overheat if the cpu fan has failed.
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