New PC Setup, Unsure on HDD configuration.

So coming in the mail I have the following ::

2600k, P8Z68 Deluxe Gen3, 16GB Memory, 2x GTX570, and the stuff at hand... 4x 1.5TB Caviar Black and 2x Crucial M4 64GB SSD.

I'm looking for input on setting up these six HDD's.

The MoBo has 2x Marvell SATA III, 2x Intel SATA III, and 4x Intel SATA II

The initial plan was to set up the SSD's Raid 0 on Intel SATA3 Controller and partition it off for use as OS/SRT. The ASUS Rep told me this was not possible. The SRT was going to be dedicated to the RAID 10 Array comprised of the four HDD's.

So my new plan is to use one SSD for SRT, use the other for OS, and still RAID 10 for the HDD's.

Any thoughts/Suggestions/etc?
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  1. Another option is to Raid 0 the SSD's, Raid 10 the HDD's, and have Win7 do an automated backup to the HDD's for me. The ODD would go on the Marvell Controller!

    Any thoughts anyone?
  2. I've been over to your thread a couple times now.
    I don't think I'm probably the best qualified to give you guidance there.
    The option I liked best (maybe because I understood it better) it the SSDs/RAID0 & HDDs/Raid10.

    What's the overall reason for having such a robust storage array?
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