My motherboard overvoted my cpu and ram?

has anyone else had their motherboard overvolt the cpu and ram. Well i just relize this the other day when i went to overclock for the first time. my cpu voltage were sky high 1.57v and my ram 2.1. I have a phenom ii 965 suppose to be at 1.35v but i guess my motherboard thought otherwise?

Has anyone had this happen before?
and if so wouldn't it be asrock who is responsible if their board fried your cpu with running at their boards stock setting?
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  1. Hate when my mb overvote's lol... You say this was your first time attempting to OC? Sounds to me like you simply set your voltages too high...

    If your mobo auto adjusts voltages it should have a limit it will not go over unless you manually set it. Either way though once you start overclocking if anything breaks it generally voids the warranty and makes it your responsibility. Otherwise people would just go around overclocking their stuff to 5+Ghz and if it breaks they will just get a new one.
  2. haha you know what i meant. lol No i never mess with the volts those are the stock volts my moterboard is selecting. Like if i were to go to my bios and select default settings thats what it will set my volts on. I notice my volts levels were high when i went to overclock. Its crazy my voltage been like that for at lease 4 months before i notice.
  3. Well did you lower it?
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