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Can i put old storage only hdd in my windows 7 computer?

I have an older 500gb hdd from a windows xp computer. it was used for vids photos and other storage. can i put it into my windows 7 computer w/o much trouble? jumper was set to slave in other computer, would it just be plug n play in new one?
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  1. Yes, just set it to cable select.
  2. You need a motherboard with a IDE port. If you have one, you should jest be able to plug it in with no issue.
  3. or would it be better to get an enclosure and use it as a ext/ portable?
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    itas long as you have an IDE port on the mobo, you will be ok. If you have to share the IDE connection with another drive, consider an external enclosure. If it was mine, I would just get an enclosure. Try to find one that has a separate power connection and a fan.
  5. There are tons of enclosures. This was my first thought. Any recomendations?
  6. just one with a fan and a powersupply like this: (brand seems unimportant to me)
    or this
  7. I would only temporarily attack it to retrieve the data needed. Given that you said that it's an older HDD, it will probably be comparatively slow for your new Win 7 system. Unless you are willing to use it only occasionally for storage of course because then go ahead and leave it attached to the new system.

    But how old is it? I would be worried about depending on it and have it fail due to age.
  8. Is it a sata drive or and IDE? One never stated.
  9. Its ide it has wide ribbon connector.
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