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Hey guys, I was asked to build a computer for my aunt and uncle. Not something big, or fancy, and not for gaming. Just a basic home computer that my aunt can use to get online, check email, manage photos, etc. I just finished building my gaming computer and now they want me to build then one haha. I just wanted your opinion on this set up. I am assuming they already have a monitor, keyboard/mouse, and speakers. This is what I have so far. Tell me what you think.

The DVD burner:

The Case:

The hard drive:

The Power Supply:

The Ram:

The Mother Board:

The Processor:
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  1. post links to each individual part, your shopping cart is stored with your account, and wishlists are more problematic. Just post the links to each part you are considering and we can help you out.
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    EDIT: darn hunter beat me to it :(
  3. Alright, sorry about that. I've got all the links up.
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    Swap the HDD for a samsung F3, its bigger, cheaper, and faster

    If you are going to stick to an IGP dont use an intel build, this AMD config will save you a bit and has much better graphics capabilities and a nice triple core processor

    That PSU is an exceptionally weak unit, 16A between the 12V rails? Get a corsair 400CX, its cheaper after MIR and significantly better with 30A on a single rail

    also your ram link doesnt work, so if you were considering DDR2 ram you can get an AM2+ equivalent of the board i posted if DDR3 would put you over budget.
  5. Alright thanks. Yea I wasn't sure whether to go with an intel or an amd. My computer has an amd quad core, but then again we're talking a gaming pc rather than a basic one lol.
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