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I am planning on building a new system for gaming and internet use. I need to have able to play some older games such as mechwarrior 4 , warhammer 40k and pirates of the burning sea. Also I want it to be able to handlethe new games comming out with out having to upgrade with in 2 years .The budget is $600.
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  1. Please answer these questions on the link below. It'll help us help you.
  2. Here is what i cam up with so far : Video either a GTX 285 or a 260 ... which is best ??
    CPU is an Intel Q8400
    Monitor: Acer V173

    I need everything else... all ideas and information will be appreciated
  3. What parts do you have??
  4. I have no parts at all ... this is a complete build from the ground up
  5. You won't have a future proof system with a budget of 600, sorry bud.
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