860 running too hot?

I am new to PCs and recently built a nice system (first time), but I'm not sure if it's running too hot when I stress it. This is the system:

i7 860 2.8
8gb cl7 ddr3 1600 ram
Sapphire 5770
1tb WD Black hd
Asus p7p55d deluxe mobo
Antec CP-580 psu
Antec p-183 case
DVD drive
wireless card
Win7 64bit

At the moment, I'm running Firefox and downloading a game from EA (Crysis). The Asus AI Suite tells me the CPU temp is 52c, but when I ran a benchmarking program, I think I saw temps of 98c at one point. It was definitely a spike and would usually settle back down to the 40-50c range.

Is this normal?

I was reading another thread on this and those people were saying that anything above 50 can be a problem...and that they all use coolers to keep their temps down in the 30c range.

I'm not new to computers, but new to PCs...so any help would be great!

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  1. I just ran Prime95 64 bit and my cpu temp shot up to 98c again. I shut it down and now it's down 57c.

  2. BAD

    You probably seated your hsf incorrectly. Those symptoms indicate incorrect pressure of the heat sink to the top of the cpu.
    Thats assuming that the fan is spinning. Did you plug in the cpu fan to the motherboard header.
    The stock hsf had a thermal pad so that should not be a issue. One of the 4 push pins probably is not anchored on the back side of the m/b
  3. fan is plugged in. Can I reseat the HSF? Do I need to remove the whole mobo to do that?
  4. It does sound bad. If you installed the backplate on the motherboard correctly you should not need to removed the whole board. What is the temperature of the room your computer is in? Do you have your PC out in the open, or is it enclosed in a cabinet? Try taking the side of the case off and running it that way. At idle, you shouldn't see your temps rise more than a few degrees above the temperature of the room.

    I installed a Hyper 212+ last week with good results. My max temps under IBT or Prim95 with 8 threads running dropped from 80-85 C with the stock fan to around 51 C with the Hyper 212+. I've got a slight OC now and the temps don't pass 55C. My idle temp is around 19 C. This was when my ambient temps were just over 18 C.

    What method did you use to apply the paste? I followed most of the suggestions out there for applying the paste, filling in the channels between the pipes first, using a razorblade to make sure they were filled in and the base otherwise clean. Then I put two small, thin strips of paste evenly spaced on the channels just off of center. Basically as shown in the example at the bottom of this page: http://benchmarkreviews.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=170&Itemid=38&limit=1&limitstart=5 I assume you have the fan mounted in a Push configuration, pushing air through the cooler and out the other side where you case's exhaust fan should be working to remove the hot air that comes through the cooler.

    Download either RealTemp or CoreTemp and see what temperatures they report:
    RealTemp: http://www.techpowerup.com/realtemp/
    CoreTemp: http://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/
  5. It's running out in the open (under my desk) and using the stock 860 hsf. I reseated it and now my temps range from 39c at idle to 88c under the Prime95 blend test. Ambient is 68-70f.

    As far as paste, I bought some, but didn't use it because the stock one already had it.

    So, am I still going to melt a hole in the Earth with this setup? Do I need a aftermarket cooler?
  6. Been running the Blend for the last 15 minutes and while it's currently at 86/81/86/82, it has hit 93c.

  7. What are you measuring your temps with? Did you download RealTemp or CoreTemp?

    With the stock fan I was idling at 25 C, and reaching 80 C under 8 threads of Prime95 when my ambient temps were around 19 C. Your full load temps don't seem that out of line. But idle sure seems high. Are you sure the fan is seated correctly - did you check that all four pushpins came out the otherside of the motherboard?

    There's probably nothing to worry about unless you're often stressing the computer. But if the temps worry you take the fan off, clean off the stock paste with some isopropyl alcohol and try again with the paste you bought. Or invest in an aftermarket heatsink fan.
  8. I'm using Core Temp, Hardware Monitor, etc. All 4 pins came out the backside. I might give the Arctic paste a shot later this week.

    So, I'm mainly a Mac user, but damn I am liking Win7 and the fact that I can keep tweaking my system with new parts!

    Who knew (besides everyone else)?
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