Do they make anything that could help with my dual GPU cooling setup?

Im rocking 2 590s in my build and ive got a HAF X case that im using and it has this adapter to add a 120mm fan inside the case to cool them but it wont fit. Im wondering if anyone makes anything that could help my 2 gpus get any colder by using just air cooling.

Im just looking for the most efficiant air cooling, and i cant switch to water cooling because that will add too much wait and i dont want to replace the shelf i mounted my computer on.

The 2 cards are on a rampage IV extreme mobo so i have a 1 slot pci worth of room between the cards. But anything that would help like after market fan setups for the cards or something to add even more air power would be great.

I have an h100 cpu cooler which i love but im pretty sure they dont have anything for video cards but it would be awesome to find something similar. I would just need to make sure my computer doesnt gain like 5-10 lbs since the shelfs weight limit is 70 lbs and my computer is hovering around 60, so i doubt ill be finding anything cool like that anytime soon :P

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  1. If you have the HAF-X then there are three ways to help cool the video cards and since the cards won't fit in that shroud that comes with the case that leaves two.
    That case comes with a huge 200mm fan in the side panel and it's directly over the video cards. There is also a huge 230mm fan in the front.
    The next thing is the video card bracket that attaches to the rear of the caes and this bracket sefves two purposes , first it will support the video card when it's installed and second you can put a small 80mm fan in it and this will blow air in between the two cards.
    As a last resort you can attach a fan to the hard drive bay and position it to blow in between the two cards.
    I have the same case and found it to be extremely good at cooling and when someting didn't exactly fit for a specific need I resorted to modifications.
  2. Sounds like mods is the way to go, i saw someone using the HDD fan but cut up a bit to fit over the cards. I have all aftermarket mega flow cooler master fans but they hardly make any noise and feel like they dont move any air. I feel most the heat coming out the back of the case form my 140mm cougar fan, and i feel the most air movement coming from that and the top of the case where i have my h100 cpu cooler using 4 120mm cougar vortex fans in a push pull config. I also have the 2 200mm mega flow fans on top of that push pull setup. I resorted to buying some Spectre Pro 200mm fans that claim higher CFM and i tried one out and its not even noticeably louder but u can feel it pumping more air. The only problem is u cant mount them like regular fans with those rubber screw like things that slide into the case and fanst to reduce noise from the vibrations of the fans. They come with something similar but i cant figure out how theyre supposed to be installed or work with the rubber pieces and not the screws. So yeah i guess im stuck with experimenting and modding. I liked the idea of the metal cover with the 80mm fan u said it was? The problem is i have a weight limit to my computer since its on a shelf i mounted on my wall to free up desk space and leg space as well as allow for better cooling. So i think im just gonna opt for chopping up the HDD fan attachment since i know the regular HDDs will be needing the extra cooling but idk how much thats gonna be affecting the GPUs.

    Im just so used to my old regular HAF case that i have these insane fans on that are pretty loud but with the fan controller i can set them to pump around 80-100 cfm quietly and then i can crank em up to around 250 cfm on one fan and 350 on another fan, and these puppies are 120mm fans i believe lol, possibly 140mm but im pretty sure they are 140 mm. They seriously cool down that rig, while this one is just pumping out eat of every location it can.

    From what ive read about cooling its better to have more exhaust than intake correct? That way i get some passive intake which works great with these cases. Where as if i was using more intake than exhaust for the cooling i believe the air flow would kinda just be leaking from wherever the easies spot would be right? And in that case that would most likely be through the fans and then id have passive exhaust. I cant really tell if it would make a difference with this case but i know it can with some cases.

    Whats ur opinion on air flow. Currently its 230 mm cooler master mega flow intake font, 200mm mega flow intake side, 140 mm cougar vortex exhaust rear, push pull exhaust on top for the h100 cooling radiator, along with 2 200mm mega flow fans on top of that.

    Heres where i got the insperation for my H100 push pull config, and the cougar fans, they are by far my favorite fans in the world right now, its too bad they dont make 200mm and 230mm fans. So far not a single problem tho with the fans or h100, add in the corsair link cooling and lighting system im using and im in heaven, its pure ecstasy lol.

    The second link is just an update he made which shows the vortex cougar fans, the ones im using.
  3. If your using water cooling on the cpu the that is what is the main cooling for that and the video card is depending on the air flow so in this case the air flow doesn't have to be extreme but enough to cool the video cards. I think with the fans that you have you are going to have enough cooling power and air flow.
  4. You could modify a closed loop cooler onto your 590's...
    Like so:
  5. Yes but he doesn't want extra weight, which two of those would definitely provide :-)
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