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Hi,i am running two 4870`s in Crossfire,but when i looked at GPU stats in AMD Overdrive it had one card running at 41 degrees which it stated in CCC but the other card was running at 60 degrees not under load,so i was wondering does the manual fan option in CCC only work on one card,if so is there any way of activating the fan on the second card?
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  1. I forgot to add that they are running at slightly different voltages as well,the olny different between the cards is one is a Powercolor and the other is a XFX but both have the exact timings.
  2. There should be an option in the CCC overdrive panel called " Select GPU to configure"

    It is a drop down box, you should be able to select the hotter card, and turn the fan up on it to achieve better cooling. Make sure if you do enable manual fan control, that it is set high enough to handle gaming situations too. Because now instead of the fan slowly moving faster as the GPU heats up, it will keep it at your predetermined speed until it reaches max temperature threshold and then go all the way up to 100% for a short time, which you dont want.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Thank you annisman there is indeed a drop down box where you can select your GPU,one says 1 ATI 4870 Acer G24 and then the other just says 2 ATI 4800 series,thanks again for the reply,i would give you best answer but not sure how,or even if i can lol. Oh and btw thanks for the heads up on the temps,i know the 4870`s are quite a noisy card but i do have the fans on high,but i just turn the speakers up a little louder lol.
  4. No problem buddy, have fun with your crazy gaming rig.
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