System Clock runs fast

I've already tried exchanging the CMOS battery - no difference

The clock runs a little fast, in 24 hrs, it's 10 mins fast, so figure that's about 25sec per hour faster than normal.

Really have no idea, is this a motherboard hardware problem or is it Windows 7?

(I have a new msi 890gxm-g65, Windows 7 64bit, phenom x6)
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  1. bios problem.
  2. It is normal for PC clocks not to be that accurate but 10 minutes in 24 hours is a bit much. There is not much you can do about it apart from changing the motherboard which probably would not be worth it, however when you connect to the internet your system clock should correct itself providing the time is not too far out. Check the settings for this by double clicking on the clock and selecting the internet time tab.
  3. hm, i guess I could boot up and just leave my computer in BIOS for a few hours and see if I experience the time drift there, if I do, then it must be the hardware
  4. I also have a growing suspicion that my system clock is only running fast when my computer is in sleep mode (configured from balanced power settings in Win 7).
    While using my computer continuously, I'm checking to see if I experience drift.

    Unfortunately I haven't found any articles about this - unless my power source is providing less power to the mobo than it actually needs during sleep - that may explain the drift
  5. If you are in Windows then the clock should keep good time as it is occasionally corrected from the Internet. It is a good idea to boot up and leave it in the BIOS to see if it still gains time. As it is a new board I would consider having it changed under warranty. If you want to fix the motherboard and you are good with a soldering iron then replacement of the 32,768 Hz crystal would probably fix this problem. The crystal frequency should be unafected by the supply voltage.
  6. Well, after not entering sleep mode for 3 hours, the clock has not gotten any faster. I used
    and started it at 130sec faster and 3 hours later it is still 130sec faster (windows did not update the time as it is still 130sec fast)

    therefore either Windows Sleep is the culprit OR it could still be my hardware (i.e. if windows system time uses software to run system time and then uses hardware during sleep mode)

    I'll leave it on bios overnight and see if the clock runs faster
  7. Interestingly the web site shows my computer to be 46 seconds fast after I have just synchronized my time with

    I don’t see how the computers time should run differently be it in the BIOS or when Windows is running as in both cases the time is derived from the system clock. When the computer is off or in sleep mode then the computers clock is running from battery. It is possible when the battery is nearly exhausted for the clock to gain speed but you did say that you had changed the battery.
  8. Try updating the bios.
  9. Bios is already up to date.

    So I left my comp in Bios, and the Time goes faster in bios. Leaving it in Active windows (non-sleep) and the time is NORMAL. So I guess the problem is with bios/mobo/crystal - unless AMD cool&quiet / powersaving modes automatically turns on with inactivity in bios - but I don't think so.
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