Which 4850 to get?

I have decided to get a HD 4850. My monitor is 22" 1680x1050. Here are the 4 choices:

SAPPHIRE 512MB - $100

PowerColor 512MB - $100

PowerColor 1GB - $110

XFX 1GB - $120

With my monitor, 1gb of RAM would normally be a big waste, but in this case, the 1gb is only marginally more expensive. I don't care if I spend $10 or $20 more, I do definitely want the card to be as quiet as possible. For those of you familiar with these cards, which one should I get? Which is the quietest?
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  1. personaly i find that the coolers on your sapphire and powercolor links are slightly quieter than the one on the xfx. 512 mb will be enough for playing games without AA and AF maxed out, so if you dont max them out you can save your $10.
  2. Yeah, if you aren't particularly concerned about price go for an HD5750 or HD5770. They are all 1gb, DX11 compatible and very power efficient.
  3. Dude, I've been down this road before. Get the 1gig XFX card.
  4. Thanks for the reply everyone.
    Now is the 5750 faster or slower than 4850? I thought the 4850 is a lot faster. Am I wrong?
  5. 5750 is actually quite a bit more expensive. On newegg it is about $25 more than the XFX 4850, at $145, and $45 more than the 512mb version 4850s.
  6. I didn't get those results when I did a search on Newegg. That MSI 5750 definitely sounds tempting, costing only $5 more than the 4850 after rebate. Let me take a closer look, I should order this tonight.
  7. Here is my full system spec:

    Can you please take a look and give some feedbacks? I appreciate your comments. Keep in mind as I mentioned in the other thread that although this is a gaming rig, I don't play first personal shooting games.
  8. Yeah, $10 more for the x4 is a good idea. Don't worry about the stock clock speeds. They all OC to the same levels;
    4gb of ram is definitely a good idea. Especially considering the 2gb you picked out is needlessly expensive. Here's the same ram but twice as much of it for less than 50% more;
    Unfortunately it is out of stock but put this on auto-notify as it's definitely the best 500GB drive;
  9. I made a new list here:
    Take a look and let me know what you think. I appreciate your ideas.
  10. Looks good but the x4 is still the right way to go. These are all the basically the same processor and will OC to the same speed. If you want to spend a little extra to let AMD set the clocks higher to begin with then that's one thing because it's just a waste of money but to actually give up a core for that privilege is a mistake.
  11. Quote:
    You may want to consider the 4860 1GB.

    It should be close to 4870 performance. It's basically a scaled down 4890. It has less sp's than the 4850 but faster GDDR5.
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Prod [...] 6&Tpk=4860

    Interesting. Where does this card come from? I have never heard of it, nor seen any reviews.??
  12. its only made by sappire. they added it to their lineup some time just before or after the 5000 series came out. as i have heard the chips did not make the cut to become 4890s so i guess sappire had so many of them they deceded to release a slightly less powerfull card out of them rather than dump the chips.
  13. It's pretty similar to the HD5750 in performance(both a bit better than the HD4850) but doesn't offer DX11 compatibility and uses a ton more power. It was recently on sale for $115 which made it an interesting buy but at the full $130 an HD5750 is the better choice imo.
  14. The 4860 is a full-blown card in Asia & Europe, however Sapphire is the only one to offer it in the US.

    The same core as the 4890 except only 640 SP's, however still has the full 256-bit GDDR5.
    As jyjjy said, the 5750 & 4860 offer around the same performance, the 4860 is cheaper but the 5750 has DX11 & lower power-consumption.
    I would recommend the 5750 as the lower idle will probably make up the ~$10 difference over a couple of years.
  15. Indeed, after some consideration, I feel 5750 is a better buy for only like $10 more than 4860. Plus, the 4860 feels too much like an odd ball to me.
  16. The card is $125 after rebate, it is a bit better than the HD4850 at stock and OCs very well. With DX11 and much better power efficiency it's certainly a reasonable choice.
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