Ati 3870 and GTA 4

Hi whenever i play GTA 4 i get 30-40 fps but i always drops down to 10-15 and back til 30.
My gta 4 i lagging.
they say that this game should be playable on ati 3870. WHY is it lagging.

I have now
Q9550 2,88GHz
4 gb ddr 2 800MHz
ati 3870
500 gb harddrive 7200rpm
Asus p5q deluxe.

I hade same problem with my old cpu,ram and motherboard.
asus p5k
Intel E6550 2,33 GHz
2 gb ddr2 ram.

Is there any way to get rid of fps drops?
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  1. what screen resolution are you playing at?
    GTA4 is a very intensive game and a 3870, well is very weak. upgrading your graphics card should help out alot, then overclocking your Q9550 would be another large performance increase. probly get a 1gb version of a newer card over one with 512mb RAM will help out aswell.
  2. i tried 800x600 ,1024x786 and 1280x1024 can't get rid of lag.
    all settings is low but lag is still there. Should i change GPU ?
    is 4870 or 4850 good?
  3. whats the difference between 5770 and 5850 and 5870
  4. With resolutions that low the GPU becomes less of a factor and your CPU speed becomes more important. perhaps look into overclocking to see if you gain any performance. the 4870/50s are good cards to consider.

    edit: the 5770 is about as good as a 4870. the 5870 is as good as two 5770/4870 in crossfire. the 5850 as good as two 5750/4850 in crossfire.
    also i should note that the 4870/5770 are slightly better than two 3870s in crossfire. just for reference.
    edit again: messed up some of the #s
  5. BTW, toms on the top of the screen has some charts giving performance of many many models of graphics cards.,Marque_fbrandx4,1632.html
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