E210882 motherboard front panel pinout

I am trying to find the pin ouyt for the Power switch, Power LED, Reset Switch H.D.D Led. does anyone know this u=inmformation? I want to take it from the Original Dell cas to an after market ATX case. This is for the J8J2 FRONT Panel connector
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  1. So your just switching over cases?
    Well, The little cables with be marked with small white writing.

    There should be a little diagram of where to plug it in in a small table near the FP Connection pins
  2. I am taking it out of the original Dell case in want to pu it in another case I got from Tiger direct. I am looking for the pin out of where the POWER SWITCH, RESET SWITCH, THE H.D.D. LED, plugs would go on the connector. I want to be able to have the reset switch work etc. I am going to put it in a ATX case.
  3. Alright, Can you see a little table/diagram of the FP connections near the FP Connectors on the motherboard?

    If you cant, Then you will have to check your manual or download it from the DELL site.
  4. No there is no sticker. But thank you for the information. Hopefully I can find what I am looking for
  5. I haven't looked yet. I am waiting for the person to order a new hard rive for it. And a socket 775 prcessor fan. but will keep you posted
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