Problems with M4A785-M

Hello, I figured I'd ask for some help here since many problems that I have previously encountered have been fixed by sifting through these forums.

I recently purchased an Asus M4A785-M motherboard. When I have Asus anti-surge disabled in the bios, my temperatures and voltages aren't posting correctly - they're static and unchanging. It seems as though the correct temperature is picked up by the temp monitors on startup but immediately after they stop working, and remain displaying the same temperature that they read on startup. Also, in windows Asus Probe reports the same thing. Upon re-enabling asus anti-surge, the temp and voltages read correctly.

This wouldn't be a problem, I'd simply keep anti-surge enabled, but the machine has started short-circuiting. Sometimes it shuts down after being on for thirty minutes, other times it won't shut down after being on for twelve hours. At first I thought that the two problems were linked - that the computer wouldn't short-circuit when anti-surge was enabled, but last night proved that wrong. Even with anti-surge enabled, the computer short circuited.

I have already made sure that there are no loose metal objects in the case causing the short-circuit. I have reseated the cpu and fan/heatsink 3 separate times, and reseated everything else including the motherboard. Temperatures are normal - third party temp monitoring programs confirm CPU temps are fine and north and south bridge heatsinks aren't too hot to the touch. The power supply seems fine. I reinstalled my old mobo/cpu (biostar) and ran it for many hours without any problems. My new CPU is 125W, whereas my old CPU is 65W. Could the difference between those two wattages be my problem? Specs, including PSU, are listed below.

One more thing; the processor is running a little hot for my liking. I've tried two different after-market fan/heatsinks. Regardless of which one I use, temps are sitting at around 38-42 idle, and 48-55 under load.

Specs - everything is at stock speeds:

Phenom II 940 125W
ATI 4850 512mb
FSP Group power supply, 450W
4gb DDR2 RAM
Running Windows 7 64 bit.

Thanks for any help/advice you guys can provide.
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    Hello and welcome to the forums
    It could be your PSU, not providing adequate power for the system which causes unexpected shot-downs,can you test with another PSU ?
    And your temps look fine.
  2. Thanks, Maziar. I don't have an extra PSU on hand, but I'll purchase one and post back with the results.
  3. Hey guys, I recently replaced the power supply and it seems as though the shut-down issues I was having have stopped. I probably would have tried a few more things before replacing the PSU, so thanks for your suggestion Maziar, it saved me some time.
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  5. No problem,glad i could help.
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