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Hey all i am having a real rough time with my 5850. Let me give you a little info on what has been happening. So i finished my build last night and and was getting things working when the pc would just ramdomly turn off. I finally after many restores of the original backup with no drivers installed figured out that there is something wrong with m 5850. Now if i don't install the drivers for the video card and just use the windows default drivers... the system is fine. as soon as i install the new drivers it crashes. I have tried the drivers of the website and the older ones of the disk and they both do the same thing.... whats going on???? Do i have a bad card???
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  1. Hello bigstott,

    I am using Windows 7 64 bit and have a Sapphire 5870 and have been experiencing regular crashes.
    Sometimes its on start up loading the windows desktop screen, sometimes during normal use or playing a game.
    Windows tells me there is a driver problem, but as it works most of the time and it has the latest driver installed
    I am going to leave it as it is and wait for new drivers to be released.
    I have read quite a few posts about Windows 7 and 5800 driver problems so I would assume it's a known issue.
    I know this doesn't help you much, but if you are also on Windows 7 and you can use it with the default windows drivers
    you too might have wait for a new release.

    Regards keith263
  2. wht PSU r u guys usuing ???
  3. Hi ayascool,

    I'm using a Be Quiet 1000W Dark Power Pro psu.
    My crashes are very intermittent and didn't happen before I changed graphics cards from a
    9800GT running with the generic windows driver.
    This is a new build completed in December 2009 and apart from Windows 7 64 bit usb wireless issues
    has been running great.

    Regards keith263
  4. I have found when i encounter the problem i re boot... lower my rez and reset the hz to 60 and it clears the problem up.... not sure why... but it does.
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