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I bought a Hitachi 1 TB Deskstar HDD about a month ago. Since then it's been making noise constantly. I've seen alot of noises described as clicking, scratching, and grinding but I honestly can't differentiate. The noise syncs with the light on my case. I have a two of these drives and the second is in an htpc computer. I swapped the drive out with that one and the noise was still there. Im positive it's the hdd though, so i'm not sure if the noise is just a common thing with hitachi drives or if both are experiencing the same problem as they were both bought from the same compusa around the same time and were probably from the same shipment. My pc also seems slower than it should be, however the hdd was bought at the same time as all of the other components, so I can't be sure the drive's the problem. I'm currently running a phenom ii x4 955 oc'd to 3.6 ghz with an msi 2 gb 6950 and can only get playable framerates while raiding in wow with everything set to low. (I consider playable to be 30-40 fps)

TL;DR Are Hitachi drives just noisy or are both of mine failing?
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  1. What RPM is the HDD? Some are annoying low RPM 5900RPM drives...

    Sounds possible that it's failing though, I would look into running Drive Fitness Test, and see if it fails. Also, how audible is it? Hard drives will make some noise, but it shouldn't be TOO loud.
  2. 7200 RPM, it's pretty loud, but not unbearable, however my old western digital wasn't audible at all over my case fans. It can be heard with my headset on and in-game sounds set relatively high.
  3. Also i've run a drive fitness test and the windows drive error test and both come out fine, i've just never dealt with a drive this loud so it's making me nervous.
  4. I've never used a hitachi drive, might want to contact their support team, they might have a better idea of how loud it should/could be.
  5. I have a pair of Hitachi 2TB 7200 RPM drives that I use for external backups; both drives are excessively noisy.
    I also have a slew of WD drives and a few Segates, none of which are terribly loud.

    While I can not speak for your drives, my experience with Hitachi drives are that they are hot and loud :/
    Make sure to store you invoice in a safe place just in case something does happen...
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