5870 Issue

Recently I built a computer some of the specs are:
GigaByte GA-MA785GPMT-UD2H AM3 DDR3 785 Chipset
800 Watt PSU
HD Radeon 5870
With Windows 7 Professional

I have a Acer V223WBD (Black) 22 inch Monitor and for some reason, every time I load the PC up it says No Signal on the moniter.
Right now I have it hooked up to VGA, using a VGA>DVI adapter...
So I have 2 questions.
1.) Do I need to hook up from my moniter, to both ports on the Graphics card, or is that for dual-moniters?
and 2.) Is this an issue I can fix, or do I need to send the PC back?
Any help will be wonderful.
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  1. @Strangestranger
    Because I do not have a DVI cable at the moment.
    I ordered one, but it does not come in until around the 21st.
    And everything is correct inside the PC. The company built it for me, and then I checked to make sure everything was secure.
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