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with me i had the internet working fine on my computer wich is wired internet to my modem D-Link wireless router with four ethernet cable slots in the back so i decided to take my ps3 downstairs and i plugged it into the router with a spare ethernet cable and it was working fine then when i was done i plugged my ps3 out and put back upstairs and i tried to go on the internet on my computer but it wouldnt connect to the internet and as before on my modem the LAN slot 1 would light up a desktop screen on the modem but now theres nothing no lights or anything and my computer is saying its not connected to the modem wich it is connected through a ethernet cable the router came with please help.
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  1. Have you tried turning it off and on again?

    My D-Link used to lock-up frequently, and I'd have to power cycle it to get it to snap out of it.
  2. yeh thanks anyway i have had a look and i think its somthing to do with my computers ehternet cable slot
  3. Try another Ethernet cable.
  4. i have treid that but nothing i have took it to this person that i know that fix's computers he thinks its the ethernet port on my computer and thats what i think and i should have it back tomorrow thanks for the idea though
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